About Us

Right Health is a web portal related to human health. The portal regularly promotes various important health-related content from a scientific point of view. This takes the recent advances in medicine and research into the masses in regional languages. The portal avoids false and unsubstantiated claims about health and treatment as well as works to make people aware of them. There is an urgent need for knowledge about health and hygiene in our society. Health knowledge and exercise at an appropriate age reduce the need for a person to approach a doctor, play a role in extending his life expectancy, prolongs sexual life, and delays aging or makes aging less problematic.

This important portal is run by Eastern Digital, an IT firm based in Guwahati.

We Are on a Mission to Bring Safe, Accurate,
Simple and Affordable Eye Care to Everyone

Right Health believes that clear vision is a right, not a privilege, and develops technologies that let people stay on top of their vision with our safe, affordable, and convenient at-home vision solutions. We encourage everyone to incorporate Right Health solutions as part of their comprehensive eye health regimen.

Our Founders

In 2021, our founders Tibor and John discovered an MIT patented technology that could theoretically create a smartphone-powered refraction test rivaling traditional room-sized ophthalmic refractometers. Realizing the global impact of such technological advancements, they set out to develop optical smartphone attachments and mobile applications that empower people anywhere to test their own vision and take part in their own vision correction.

Durlav Gogoi
CEO & Co-founder

Our Writers

EyeQue’s Medical Advisory Board provides guidance on the Company’s services, products, and programs with a particular focus on identifying opportunities for EyeQue to serve and partner with the medical community. It comprises distinguished ophthalmologists and will expand to include additinoal representatives as the Company’s business evolves.

Durlav Gogoi
CEO & Co-founder

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We’re revolutionizing the vision care industry. If you’re passionate, hard-working, and like to have fun while working with cutting-edge technology, we’d like to hear from you.